Activating The Heart Of Teams™

Innovative way to inspire teams and connect them on a deeper (human) level

Team Coherence is one of the most important keys for business success

Unlock true potential of your team with science & heart energy.

As a certified HeartMath trainer I can assure you that you and your team have an amazing inner potential to thrive!

When you implement HeartMath – Activating The Heart Of Teams™ skillset specially designed (also) for companies you will be able to increase connectedness, achieve greater team harmony and enhance intuition for approaches for solving problems and making decisions.

HeartMath products, tools and techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain.

There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes that have been published.

Activate The Heart Of your teams™

Raise the vibration of your team and boost productivity to the next level.

The Activating The Heart Of Teams™ program includes skills that lead to:

High level of trust amongst team members

Positive energy, bonding, motivation and momentum

Efficient communication, which save time and energy

Fewer mistakes and errors

Shorter meeting times

Collaborating from a more inclusive perspective

Enhanced collective intuition for increasing creativity and finding solutions to problems

Enhanced appreciation, care, kindness and cooperation amongst individuals

Check out how we can together unlock true potential of your team

Unique and exclusive heart-based HR strategy for innovative companies

For Business Disruptors Worldwide

Get in touch to book heart-based Heart Connection counseling session

Learn - Unlearn - Relearn How To Connect and Inspire Your Team

'Discover what's possible, and don't let ignorance stand in your way.' Do not let that ignorance robs you success

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