Business Heartprints

Empowering professionals with heart-based business scaling strategies.

Heart based growth for long-lasting success

What kind of imprint would you like to leave behind with your business?

A unique and transformative project that aims to revolutionise how we approach business, HR, recruiting, leadership, startups and connecting people with opportunities in general.

Jeremy Barr is a US Venture Capital (VC) investor, tech expert, and founder on a mission to impact 3 billion people positively.

Anja Žibert is a disruptive HR professional from sLOVEnia who firmly believes in the power of connecting people based on their (heart) energy and creating success based on collaboration, not competition.

When two heart-based professionals like Jeremy and Anja join forces and share their wisdom and experiences, magic can happen.

In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, fostering a compassionate, empathetic, and heart-centred approach is more important than ever. Business Heartprints is here to help you unlock your professional potential.

What you can expect from Business Heartprints:

Weekly Group Calls: Join us for insightful and engaging weekly "coaching" calls where we discuss heart-centred leadership, emotional intelligence, conscious business practices, and more. These calls will offer actionable tips and guidance to help you and your organization flourish.

P.S. If you would like to present yourself (and your heart-based business scaling startegy) click "contact us" and we will find a way to share your unique energy with the world!

Expert Insights: Learn from experienced thought leaders in heart-based HR, startup growth, and conscious investing. Our diverse tribe of speakers will share their wisdom, experience, and best practices to help you positively impact your business and the world.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion. Build relationships, share ideas, and collaborate!

... and more.

Join Business Heartprints today and become part of a powerful movement changing how we think about HR, entrepreneurship, leadership and the impact we can have on the world. We'll create a brighter future for ourselves, our organizations, and the billions of lives we aim to touch.

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