• “Your knowledge is precious, while your time is priceless!”

If you have come to the point where you do not know how to continue or you want some change and you do not believe you are ready, if you need concrete advice, clue or you just need a push to move forward, then let me tell you, you are not the only one.

My name is Anja Žibert and in the last ten years (just as you), I have encountered numerous ups and downs – in my private, as well as professional life.

Why do I think I understand you?
Because I am:

  • someone who has resigned from a job

  • someone who got fired from a job

  • someone who was recruiting talent for companies

  • someone who was marketing her talent to companies

  • someone who lived in worked abroad

  • someone who moved back to Slovenia

  • someone who does not work only ‘to survive’

  • someone who often did not receive any answer (whatsoever) from a potential employer

  • someone who received many job offers

  • someone who refused many job offers

  • someone who received counseling (personal and career coaching)

  • someone who counsels individuals and companies

  • someone who does not offer hearsay, but firsthand information

  • someone who believes it is time for a new way of thinking in the employment processes

You are not defined by your past experiences.
You are defined by everything you believe you are!

Do not wait until tomorrow!

Contact me today and tell me what employment challenges you are facing, and I assure you will be surprised by the feedback you will receive (contact)

You are going to learn the little secrets of career opportunities which will surely have a great impact on your further employment and life journey.

They say the most important part of the business is a great client base. I say, the most important part of the business is trust. I need your contact details solely for the purpose of contacting you. You will not receive any automated marketing messages from me. I will adapt to the communication channel, so do not let technology get in the way of the right answers written just for you.

Are you logged into LinkedIn? You can find me there as well.

What can i help you with?

The creator of your life opportunities is only you and you alone, therefore, the type of employment you shall attract into your life depends solely on you. However, I can empower you with information that will ease the way to your desired career goal. If you identify yourself in any of the situations below, it may be the right time to hear from you. 

  • After quite some time, you have pulled your CV from a long-forgotten file on your computer and do not know how to ‘refresh’ it to make it more attractive to potential employers.

  • You do not have a CV but wish to have one (I will help you learn how to write one on your own).

  • You would like to create your own LinkedIn profile and present yourself in the way to be of interest to decision-makers in companies.

  • After many years in the same job, you feel you need a change, but you have the feeling no one takes you seriously when you trust them with your wishes.

  • You are certain that you are the ideal person for a specific company, but you do not know how to get in touch with them.

  • You have sent many applications for various jobs, but you have not received any response (not even a rejection), so you started doubting yourself.

  • You have received an invitation for a job interview, and you are not entirely sure you are prepared for the interview (some guidance on what to ask or not would be useful)

  • You have decided to change your current occupation and you do not have a good idea of what working environment would be suitable for you.

  • In the past years you have worked in various areas, as you were interested in many different things. However, you do not know how to optimally present these experiences in your CV.

  • You would like to expose your talent, since you believe you represent added value on the labor market, but you are unsure how to do it.


Below you can read a few statements of some of my interlocutors who have already confided their career wishes to me:
  • Sašo

    age 29

    "If I were looking for a job once again, I would definitely turn to Anja first! I have her to thank for the support in the process of getting my dream job."

  • Matija

    age 37

    "I collaborated with Anja two years ago when I had a well-paid job which did not make me happy and I wanted a change."

  • Miha

    age 39

    "Anja understood the essence of my diverse and dynamic business path. "

  • Maša

    age 39

    "I met Anja when she applied for a vacancy at a company she helped recruit staff for. We established an extremely pleasant and amicable relationship straight away."

  • Nives

    34 age

    "Anja recognises talents and abilities in you and connects you with the right people who need them. She never forgets the individual but tries her best and always succeeds."

  • Hojka

    age 35

    "Anja is an exceptional expert who, with full enthusiasm and an always positive orientation helps individuals reach their highest potential."

  • Milena

    age 52

    “I first met Anja three years ago, when it seemed to me that my career was somehow ‘stuck’. After 25 years of professional growth and a diverse business path in the same company, I wanted some (new) challenges."

  • Sanja

    age 48

    "I met Anja years ago when she was still employed at one of the employment agencies. For me, that was one of the most pleasant experiences with local headhunters - a quality two-way communication."

  • Renata

    age 40

    “Anja is the synonym for energy, life energy. You cannot catch it, but just by knowing her, you feel it being given to you constantly and she upgrades it with empowerment, determination, self-confidence, faith in success and in the final desired result."

  • Gregor

    age 45

    “Three years ago, Anja helped me find the ideal job according to my competencies in a proactive and professional way."

  • Matjaž

    age 44

    “From Anja, you can expect positive energy, pushing the boundaries, and what is really important, she knows how to put herself in your shoes and look from the other perspective."

An advice can sometimes be just that – a piece of advice.

Advising someone based on personal experiences, however, is much more.

It is added value.


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