Human Empowerment Agency for Reconnection and Transformation. Not your ordinary HR agency

It is time for a quantum mental leap in recruitment processes - from the concept of human resources to the concept of sincere human relations - with heart energy.

Free Spirit Human Capital


Empowering HR professionals and job seekers with knowledge about marketing, personal growth, spiritual growth and the fact that HR is not about Human Resources but Human Relations.


Who can benefit from content on this website?
Absolutely every HR professional, leader or job seeker!

HR managers

HR professionals / Recruiters

Specialised experts in recruiting jobs and recruiting agencies

Company owners

Managers who also recruit people

Individuals exploring career opportunities


Who am I and what is my mission?

My name is Anja Žibert. I am a modern – day ambassador of employment transformation. I see synergies before they exist.I’m collecting and linking information from a “database” of open hearts and creating strong network bonds between people (and organizations) for the bright future of all. Values ​​that define my existence:

  • integrity

  • open heart energy

  • authenticity

  • creativity and fun

  • professionalism

  • honest and open communication

  • power of interconnectedness

  • collective consciousness

  • common good

I am implementing the mission of Free Spirit Human Capital and connected projects in close collaborations with the “business tribe” of international top professionals, who also contribute their energy to the global rise of collective consciousness. Want to be a part of our story? When you open your heart, doors to join us will be wide open!

In addition to the professional empowerment of organizations/individuals, FSHC's main goal is is also to actively introduce the concepts of self-awareness, personal and spiritual growth and the paradigm of new HR sciences, based on universal connection and heart energy , into the recruitment (and management) processes.


In some way or another, we have already exchanged our heart energy with:

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